You Need a Team

As an author services company we know this to be true: you need a team. If you try to go it alone your chances for success in the burgeoning self-publishing venue are slim to none. Unless you travel the traditional publishing route, you will need to retain professionals to do what needs to be done to present your work in the best possible light. In an article that appeared in Poets & Writers, Kristin Nelson, founder of Nelson Literary Agency in Denver weighed in on what it takes to travel the self-publishing route:

“It begins with a story and the passion to share it. And what I’m discovering is that writers, even those who are self-publishing, have a very specific preference to not tackle this journey alone. Hence, the importance of a team.

Authors need beta readers they trust or a developmental editor to tell them what sucks in a manuscript and what doesn’t. I don’t know a single writer who can create perfect art in the first draft. Wouldn’t that be a gift? Then of course there is everything Jennifer has already mentioned—the copy editor, the proofreader, the professional cover designer, an excellent tech person to convert e-files. Every writer will eventually need a team or won’t have any time to write!”

Madison Avenue Publishing has assembled a team of professionals to guide you in your quest for publication. We handle every aspect of your journey, from shepherding your manuscript through the production process, designing an eye-appealing cover, and making sure your eBook and printed book meet the design standards of the Big Five traditional publishers. Because we don’t have the large overhead of the big publishing houses, we are able to offer prices that are extremely competitive. In all likelihood, if you attempted to put together your own team to do what we do, it would cost you more, with no guaranty of performance. Want “Our Promise” to assure  your book meets industry standards?   It’s easy.

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