Why Choose Us?

Madison Avenue Publishing is the work of a number of talented individuals: writers, editors, and entrepreneurs. Our writers include authors published by traditional houses, writers whose books have garnered the designation of New York Times Notable Book of Year. Our industry professionals include designers and printers with years of experience.

We came together to provide:

  • Competitively priced and professionally produced book publishing packages
  • eBooks uploaded to the major e-bookstores
  • Print books that can sit on a bookshelf with the best the Big Five has to offer
  • Cooperative publishing with the author’s input
  • Guidance from book industry pros
  • Royalties that are generally four times that of traditional publishers

We have competitively priced AuthorServicePaKs™ that will fit most writer’s pocketbooks. They include editing, book cover and interior design, formatting for eBooks and print, an ISBN, bar codes, copyright registration, website design and hosting for authors, submission to the major e-publishers, digital and offset printing capabilities for soft cover books, and independent reviews.

Please review our list of services, join AuthorlogChat™ to participate in our community, and, to improve your craft, listen to free podcasts by published author John Dufresne, a tenured professor of the MFA Creative Writing program at Florida International University. We promise to provide prompt, professional, and courteous service.

The Madison Avenue Publishing team gives your book the pizzazz it deserves to stand out on the virtual and physical bookshelf. Get started.

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