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Madison Avenue Books features your eBook on the Kobo eReader.

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Kobo has the largest eBook selection on the planet. Madison Avenue Publishing’s eBook authors will join over 2.2 million books, 5 million readers. Kobo offers downloadable apps for many devices.

Its e-Reading devices include the Kobo Vox, Kobo Touch, and the Kobo Wi-Fi. Kobo is a global e-book retailer that believes reading should be shared. Kobo encourages readers to recommend and discuss recent reads with other Kobo users. Kobo users can purchase books recommended by friends simply by tapping on the shared book cover from an activity feed. This means that virtually every time someone purchases and reads your book on Kobo, it has the potential to get noticed by hundreds or even thousands of readers.

Kobo has customers in over 200 countries. Whether you’re a best-selling author or getting ready to publish your first book, Madison Avenue Books will expand your marketing opportunities by making your eBook available to Kobo’s reading community for purchase, for recommending, and for broader discussion.

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