Kirkus Reviews

We believe every new writer should consider the Kirkus “Indie” that is offered to self-published, or non-traditionally published authors.  If you publish with Madison Avenue Books, and, at a minimum, your work has undergone a proofread edit, it is eligible for submission by us to the Indie program. If you participate there are fees associated with our submission of your work.  If you choose to do so (and we recommend that you do) you can have the review published on the Kirkus website—where agents, editors, and potential readers might find it.  As well, you can use the review, or excerpts, as promotional material that would appear on your cover, press releases, on your personal website, your Amazon Author Page, your Madison Avenue Books Author Profile Page, and anywhere else you are promoting your book.

Here’s how the process works:

  1. We’ll prepare the metadata on your book and upload in PDF format.
  2. If you choose the standard service you may expect a response in seven to nine weeks.  The price of this service is $425.00.
  3. If you choose the express service you may expect a response in four to six weeks.  The price of this service is $575.00.
  4. Once Kirkus receives your uploaded manuscript it will be assigned to a qualified reviewer who will read the manuscript in its entirety, followed by a full review, usually 250-350 words.
  5. Once the review is complete we will receive the download from Kirkus.
  6. We’ll send the review to you and you can decide whether or not you wish to have it published.  If you choose to have it published, it will appear on the Kirkus website.
  7. If you authorize the publication of your Kirkus review on their website, they will distribute it to their licensees, including Google,, Ingram, Baker and Taylor, and other locations.
  8. The Kirkus editors can also choose to have the review published in Kirkus Reviews magazine that is read by librarians, booksellers, publishers, agents, journalists and entertainment executives.
  9. In addition, the editors may select the review to be featured in the Kirkus email newsletter that is distributed to more than 50,000 industry professionals and consumers.

We believe this is an excellent investment in the promotion of your book, and your brand as a newly published author.  If you would like to participate in the Kirkus Indie program be sure to choose an AuthorServicePaKthat includes this edit, or you may purchase it as a stand-alone product.

For more information on the Kirkus Indie program contact a Madison Avenue Books Publishing Representative, or e-mail us at