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Why should I use Madison Avenue Publishing, or any other author services company, when I can publish directly with the online eBookstores as a self-published author?

First impressions matter. You’ve invested an enormous amount of time and energy in writing your book. It makes sense to give it the best presentation possible when it is released to the world. Most author service companies provide a professional product, and have the ability to facilitate its publication.

What is an author services company?

An author services company is a publishing company that offers a variety of services related to
publishing and marketing your eBook or print book.

What eBook services do you offer?

We bundle our eBook services in AuthorServicePaKs™.  Please visit our AuthorServicePaKs™ page for more information.

Where will my eBook be distributed?

The short answer: just about everywhere in the eBook universe. With distribution through our online eBookstores, Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble,  Google Play Books, and Kobo, your eBook will be available in these countries:1

Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Guatemala, Honduras, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Norway, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States, Venezuela.

1Worldwide distribution as of June, 2013. New countries are added regularly.

What eBook and print services do you offer?

We have several AuthorServicePaks™ that combine eBook and print services. For more information about our eBook/Print packages, please visit our AuthorServicePaks™ page.

Do you offer comparisons of your various AuthorServicePaks™ for eBook and Print?

You can view tables that compare our various AuthorServicePaks™ on our AuthorServicePaks™ page.

When you say “We Guarantee It!” what do you mean?

Madison Avenue Publishing’s “WE GUARANTEE IT” Program states that your eBook or printed book will have the same professional appearance as similar products produced by the Big Five Publishers. Please see more details in Terms of Service and our Publishing Agreement.

Do you offer marketing programs?

Yes. We offer a wide variety of marketing programs, many of which are included in AuthorServicePak™ pricing. These include your own Madison Avenue Author Profile Page, your Amazon Author Profile Page, listing in the Madison Avenue Bookstore, registration with Bowker’s Books in Print, and Ingram Books database of over 38,000 retailers, libraries, schools and distribution partners worldwide (for printed books), AuthorWebChat™, your custom Facebook Author/Fan Page, your custom Twitter Author Page, and an author website. In addition, we can produce your book trailer, and make it available for upload to our YouTube Channel, your author website, and a link to embed in your email correspondence.

What is Authorlog™?

Authorlog™ is our all-inclusive, integrated, real-time tracking portal that features:

  • your personal workstation
  • display of your work (current and past) in “My Projects” portal, together with:
    1. overview of our conversion of your manuscript to Mobi/Kindle and ePub files
    2. soft proof of your e-book covers and print covers for your review
    3. soft proof of interior pages for your review
    4. status reports regarding uploads of your e-books to our Licensees
  • your royalty payments from Licensee eBookstores in your “My Royalties” portal
  • our blog that includes industry updates, book publishing news and related features
  • podcasts by John Dufresne, a professor in the graduate MFA program of Creative Writing at Florida International University, a published author, a Guggenheim Fellow, and frequent speaker at industry seminars, book fairs, writer retreats, and other author events
  • marketing services
  • your personal AuthorProfilePage,
  • AuthorlogChat with online chat and message boards exclusively for our writers
  • gateway to AuthorWebChat™, our online video chat service exclusively for our writers
  • access to our YouTube Channel
  • a “Suggestions” link directly to the publisher where writers share their ideas, ongoing development of features to enhance our services to writers . . .with your input

Please visit our  Authorlog™ page for additional information.

How do I create my Authorlog™ account?

Please visit our  Authorlog™ page for information about creating your Authorlog™ account.

Does Madison Avenue Publishing participate in my author royalties?

You keep 100% of your eBook royalties until you recoup your costs to publish with us. Thereafter, you keep 90%. Our 10% publisher participation handles our administrative expenses, and perhaps a profit, should your eBook become successful. Please see our Publishing Agreement for more details for eBook and print royalties.

What are Madison Avenue Publishing's Terms of Service (ToS)?

Visit our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy pages for more information.

Why do you recommend proofreading of my manuscript by an industry professional before publication?

If you’ve been at your craft for a period of time, you realize that proofreading your own work is not a good idea, nor is it prudent to have a friend or relative review it. You need an independent, qualified editor to look at it word-by-word, page-by-page, to assure, at a minimum, that it passes our “GPS” Test-Grammar, Punctuation, Spelling. For serious writers, we recommend a “Copy Edit” and a “Line Edit,” followed by proofreading. Proofreading is included in the Author AuthorServicePaK™. Copy Edits and Line Edits are charged by the word, or by the hour, depending on your arrangement with your editor. Please see Advanced Editing for more information.

None of our editors is employed by Madison Avenue Publishing, nor do we share in their fees. They work independently to assure an unbiased and balanced review of your manuscript.

Why should I pay for publishing costs when a traditional publisher and a small press will advance these costs?

There are a number of reasons:

 Control of your work

We strongly suggest a proofread, at the very least. Otherwise, your manuscript, your story, belongs to you. We don’t mess with it.

 More money in your pocket from royalty payments:

In the example below your eBook is priced at $4.99 on Amazon.com. If Madison Avenue Publishing is your publisher you earn $3.50 in author royalties. If you use a traditional or small press publishing house you earn 75¢-87¢. Which would you prefer? Here are the details:

eBook price Traditional Publisher Madison Avenue Publishing $4.99 eBook
Royalty Paid Royalty Paid
[25%1of Net] [90%1 of Net] $.75¢-$.87¢2 $3.153
Take a look at royalties for an eBook priced at $4.99:

Amazon’s trade discount is 30% [$4.99 x 30%=$1.49] Net Price = [$4.99 – ($1.49)] = $3.50 – ($.35) = $3.15
25% of $3.50 = $.87¢ Net Royalty to Author2 unless you have an agent, in which event: Agent= 15% of 25% = $.13.
Net Royalty to Author with traditional publishing $.873¢

Net Royalty to Author with Madison Avenue Publishing: $3.154

1You earn 100% until you recoup the cost of publishing..
2With Madison Avenue Publishing you earn almost 4 times more!
3 No agent. Less delivery costs by kilobyte, credit card fees, and bank fees.
4 We handle the accounting and transmission of your royalties.

You have the flexibility of selling fewer copies of your eBook as you build your online presence with the Madison Avenue Publishing author community, and elsewhere, while putting substantially more royalties in your pocket from the sale of each eBook.

 Time savings:

 Finding an agent – Time spent: several months to years [this step can be eliminated with a small press]  Finding a publisher – Time spent by agent-several months to years.
 Getting published – Time spent from submission to release-1 to 2 years.

 Your Book looks like the “Big Five”: With our “We Guarantee It!” program we guarantee your book will look like it was published at one of the major publishing houses, or your money back. No widows, no orphans . . .no kidding.

In the world of digital publishing, with Madison Avenue Publishing as your publisher, you have the same eBook retail outlets for your eBooks as the big houses. In the online universe, you share virtual shelf space with the world’s best known authors.

Who are the “Big Five” Publishers?

The term “The Big Five” is commonly known within publishing circles as the five largest publishers in the book publishing industry. Each of the Big Five publishers has a collection of imprints, sometimes smaller publishing houses, that work within the larger publishing company .

Hachette Book Group
Formerly Warner Books (of Time Warner), Hachette was acquired by Hachette Livre, itself a subsidiary of the French media conglomerate Lagardère Group. The publisher is known for a few of its larger imprints – Little, Brown & Company and Grand Central.

Owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp, HarperCollins is the combination of two other publishing companies (William Collins, Sons and Co Ltd and Harper & Row). Both Harper and Collins were founded in the early 19th century. Today, HarperCollins has around fifty imprints, covering just about every imaginable publishing niche from all over the world.

MacMillan Publishers Ltd
Founded in 1843 by Daniel and Alexander MacMillan, the company is now currently owned by the German Georg von Holtzbrinck Publishing Group. Residing in the New York City’s Flatiron building, the MacMillan imprints run the gamut from commercial fiction (St. Martin’s Press) through speculative fiction (Tor) and strong literary fiction (Farrar, Straus & Giroux).

Penguin Random House
Originally international publishing giants in their own rights, on July 1, 2013, Penguin, a Pearson company and Random House, owned by the German company Bertelsmann, combined their adult and children’s fiction and non-fiction print and digital trade book publishing divisions. Penguin Random House has nearly 250 imprints and publishing houses.

Simon & Schuster
Owned by the CBS Corporation, Simon & Schuster can trace its publishing history back to the 1920s and the dawn of the crossword puzzle. Today, Simon & Schuster publishes around two thousand titles each year through dozens of imprints including Pocket, Free Press, and Scribner.

What are the details about the conversion process?

Most of our online bookstores accept the ePub format for eBooks they sell, except for Amazon’s Kindle that uses a version of Mobi/Kindle. We convert your MSWord file to both of these formats.

What are your file conversion and delivery turnaround times?

From submission of the proofread manuscript, turnaround time can be up to 10 business days, depending on the number of pages, and whether or not there are graphic images.

Will I be able to follow the progress of my manuscript conversion?

Yes. You can follow the progress of your project by clicking the “”My Projects” link to the right of the title in your Authorlog™ Account. When you do so, the status will be “Conversion Ready,” “Delivery Ready,” “Encoding Requested,” or “Delivered.”

• “Conversion Ready” means that your manuscript has met our Manuscript Submission Guidelines and is ready for conversion to Mobi/Kindle and ePub formats.

• “Delivery Ready” means your manuscript has completed the eBook conversion process, and will be delivered to the eBook retailer within approximately five (5) business days from the completion date.

• “Encoding Requested” means your eBook has been delivered to the eBook retailer, and they have asked for additional technical or metadata information. If Madison Avenue Publishing is unable to provide the information based on the information you provided in your eBook Submission Questionnaire, you will be contacted.

• “Delivered” means your eBook has been delivered to the eBookstore.

What kinds of file formats will you accept for Mobi/Kindle and ePub conversion?

MSWord (.doc, .docx)

Will you send me a proof of my Mobi/Kindle or ePub file before you deliver it?

Yes. Your eBook may have slight variations in appearance between eBook readers and applications. Madison Avenue Publishing formats your eBook so that it looks great on all eReaders. Because the fonts can be enlarged or made smaller as you read, the text “flows,” unlike printed books where the text is fixed. This “flowing text” varies from reader to reader, and therefore is not like a “soft proof” for printed books.

When will my eBook be available at the online eBookstore?

It varies. Check out the estimated time schedules below:

• Amazon Kindle: 2-4 business days from delivery.
• Apple iBookstore: 2-4 business days from delivery.
• Barnes & Noble: 2-4 business days from delivery..
• Google Play Books: Approximately two weeks from delivery.
• Kobo: Approximately two weeks from delivery.
• Madison Avenue Bookstore: 1 business day from delivery

Does Madison Avenue Publishing convert graphic elements for use in my eBook? If so, how much does it cost?

With each AuthorServicePaK™, we will convert up to 10 graphic elements (photographs, artwork, illustration, tables, charts, graphs, etc.) at no extra charge. After the 10 free graphics, we charge $2.50 per graphic element.

What formats does Madison Avenue Publishing accept for graphic elements?

We accept Portable Network Graphics .png), JPEG (.jpg), and TIFF (.tif) formats.

What are the image size guidelines (except for cover images)?

Images can be up to 600px tall and 550px wide.

All images must be RGB only at 72 dpi. All Images, tables, and diagrams require optimization to ensure proper display on the supported e-Readers. Non-image materials such as excel tables, pie charts, and non-flattened artwork will be converted to jpegs for proper display on e-Readers. These items must be converted because they do not scale or resize with the flowing fonts in the e-Reader.

What kinds of file formats and sizes will you accept if I want to include an image for my Madison Avenue Publishing Custom eBook Cover?

We accept Portable Network Graphics .png), JPEG (.jpg), and TIFF (.tif) formats.

Covers should be at least 800px tall and 550px wide

All images must be RGB only at 72 dpi.

Should my eBook images be in RGB or CMYK color mode?

RGB color mode only. CMYK images are not accepted and cannot be delivered to our online eBookstores. Photographs taken with a digital camera or scanned, using a digital scanner, are examples of RGB color mode, and do not need conversion.

If you are using Adobe Photoshop® and want to check the color mode of your file, you can do so under Image > Mode. You should make color mode conversions from CMYK to RGB before you start color/tonal changes or photo manipulation.

May I make changes to my manuscript?

Yes, subject to the following restrictions:

• Before proofread edit: If you have chosen the Author AuthorServicePaK™, or purchased a proofread or advanced edit, youcan make unlimited changes to your manuscript before your manuscript is submitted to our editors. You will be notified in your Authorlog™ Account when we submit your manuscript for edit.

• Following your upload of your manuscript but prior to its conversion to Mobi/Kindle and ePub: Following your submission to Madison Avenue Publishing by upload to your Authorlog™ Account for final review, and you seek spelling or punctuation changes (with or without edit), you will incur “pre-conversion” change fees, and no publication will take place until these fees are paid in advance, and the suggested changes are made to your manuscript. The “pre-conversion” change fees are one ($1.00) dollar per grammatical, punctuation, or spelling change.

• Following conversion of your final uploaded manuscript to Mobi/Kindle and ePub files but prior to transmission of your files to our online eBookstores.

If you wish any changes to your eBook once it has been converted to Mobi/Kindle and ePub files, but prior to submission to our online eBookstores, the fees for each change are as follows:

o Up to 10 changes- $50
o 11 to 25 changes – $75
o 26 to 50 changes – $100

Making changes “post conversion” is a more complicated process than simply changing the MSWord file to comply with editing requirements. Each file must be retrieved within our system, our technicians must make the manual changes to your eBook, and the updated file must then be reconverted to Mobi/Kindle and ePub for distribution to our online eBookstores.

• Following publication of your eBook with our online eBookstores.

Any changes following publication will necessitate a new edition of your eBook, which will require a new eBook submission, new eBook submission fee, and new ISBN number and payment of fee.

May I make changes to my metadata prior to conversion of my manuscript to an eBook?

Yes, at no charge. You must upload any proposed changes in the eBook Submission Questionnaire section of your Authorlog™ Account.

May I make changes to my metadata after my manuscript is converted to eBook format?

Any metadata changes after the conversion of you manuscript to Mobi/Kindle/Kindle and ePub formats are priced the same as manuscript changes following conversion.

What metadata changes can I make following publication?

You can make metadata changes to all the non-content areas of your eBook following its publication with our online eBookstores. These changes may include long and short descriptions, genre, author bio, keywords and pricing. Madison Avenue Publishing includes one free metadata change per calendar year with any AuthorServicePaK™. The fee for subsequent metadata changes is $50. This covers the cost for the manual process involved in the redelivery of your metadata to all of our online eBookstores. All metadata changes are made within your Authorlog™ Account by clicking the “Metadata Change” form.

All other changes will be priced per the content changes section above.

Which online eBookstores do you currently offer to your authors?

• Amazon Kindle Store, with Kindle, Kindle Touch, & Kindle Fire

The Kindle Store is the largest retailer of eBooks, with millions of customers.

• Apple iBookstore, iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone

Apple’s iBookstore gives consumers a streamlined and reliable way to purchase eBooks for use on the Apple iPad, IPod Touch, and iPhone. Madison Avenue Publishing delivers eBook content to all of Apple’s iBookstores.

• Barnes & Noble NOOK & NOOK Color

Barnes & Noble’s NOOK allows you to easily download any of the more than one million eBook titles available from B&N, including NOOK, and apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, or PC. Your eBook may be read for free when visiting a Barnes & Noble store.

• Google Play Books

Google Play, formerly known as the Android Market, is a digital application distribution platform for Android developed and maintained by Google. Google Play Books are available in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Italy, Australia, Spain, Japan, France and South Korea.

• Kobo

Kobo is a global eBook retailer backed by Indigo Books & Music, REDgroup Retail, Cheung Kong Holdings, and other leaders in technology and retail. With over 2.2 million eBooks to browse, the company’s bookstores is the largest on the planet, with readers in over 200 countries. Kobo offers free apps for Mac and PC computers and Apple®, Android™ and BlackBerry® smartphones and tablets. With Kobo Plus™ readers can share ideas on passages and books with other readers around the world.

What additional requirements do you have if I choose to have my manuscript converted to a printed book?

Please see the detailed requirements for printed books by visiting our Print Services page.

How do I get started?

Follow these five easy steps:

  • Open your Authorlog™ account
  • Choose your AuthorServicePaK
  • Upload your Design Questionnaire, and any images you wish for your eCover
  • Upload your  manuscript for conversion to Mobi/Kindle and ePub. Follow the conversion process in your Authorlog™ Account
  • See your eBook worldwide in all major eBookstores