Editorial Assessment

With our Editorial Assessment you will receive the following:

Our senior editor will read up to 35 double-spaced pages of your manuscript and prepare a multipage report that offers critical feedback intended to enhance the publication potential of your work.

For a fiction manuscript, our senior editor will offer commentary on character development and motivations, point of view (a key concern with most new and developing fiction writers), scenes, plot, tension, dialogue, tone, diction, syntax, and overall clarity and readability.

For nonfiction, the nature of the feedback will vary greatly, depending on your manuscript. For creative narratives such as memoir, personal essays, or biography, many of the fiction elements will apply. Fact-checking (for nonfiction and fiction) remains the author’s responsibility, but obvious concerns will be noted in the Editorial Review.

For all genres ( poetry, fiction and nonfiction) our senior editor will point out sample proofreading errors involving spelling, punctuation, grammar, and formatting. The author will receive a wide range of feedback. In many cases, the editor will recommend an editing service for you to consider right away. In other cases, the editor will make recommendations for you, the author, to consider before resubmitting.

What is the cost of an Editorial Assessment?

A one-time fee of $275.00