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Madison Avenue Books places your eBook on Amazon’s Kindle and Kindle Fire.


When you publish with Madison Avenue Publishing, your eBook will be featured on Amazon’s Kindle eBook Reader and the Kindle Fire. With over one million titles, Amazon’s Kindle, with an electronic-paper display, is currently the most popular eBook reader. Users can wirelessly download books, magazines, newspapers, and blogs.

Amazon’s Kindle Fire is a new multimedia touch-screen device that allows the same access to Amazon’s vast catalog of books and magazines as the Kindle.

When you publish your e-book through Madison Avenue Publishing, it will occupy the same virtual shelf as New York Times‘ bestsellers, Pulitzer Prize winners, and time-honored classics.

Madison Avenue Publishing will convert your e-book to Amazon’s proprietary Mobipocket/Kindle file format and quickly deliver it for purchase by millions of Kindle users.

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