eBook and Print Cover Design

Madison Avenue Books offers two levels of eBook and Print cover design: Basic and Advanced.

Basic eBook and Print Cover Design

Our Basic eBook and print cover design features one main graphic or photo, a simple layout with easily read fonts, simple graphic and background color, utilizing a stock photograph or image.  The writer supplies the main image for the cover.

Custom eBook and Print Cover Design

Have you ever noticed how bestsellers have exceptional eCovers and stand-out printed book covers?  First impressions count.  Does the prospective purchaser click on your eCover, or move to the next? Madison Avenue Publishing’s custom covers are created to grab the book buyer’s attention. . .interesting enough  to enhance the all-important CTR (Click-Through Rate) for your book.   Our Custom eBook and print cover designs do make a difference.

At Madison Avenue Publishing we use only industry professionals with proven track records.

Here’s what you’ll get with our Custom cover design:

  • The design can include several photos, textures, or graphics
  • Innovative text
  • Images that share the storyline
  • Design that reflects a reflection of the character, setting, or theme of the book

Here are the qualities we require for a Madison Avenue Publishing  Custom e-cover and print book covers:

  • They stand out on the virtual book shelf
  • They cultivate the attention of a potential buyer
  • They convey the theme of the book
  • They contain proven sales triggers

Do people judge a book by its cover?  We are confident that they do.  Get more CTRs with Custom eCovers and print book covers from Madison Avenue Publishing.