AuthorWebChat ™

AuthorWebChatis our video-based online service that features interviews with authors who have published with Madison Avenue Publishing, or its affiliated companies. A copy of your interview will be uploaded to our YouTube Channel, shared on our social media channels via upload or by a link to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, and other social media websites.

Your AuthorWebChat high-definition video will be available for you to download to your personal website, your Madison Avenue AuthorProfilePage, and any other venue you choose in the world of social media.

From the comfort of your home or office, our moderator will work with you to produce an entertaining interview. You’ll have an opportunity to introduce yourself and your story to audiences of booklovers across the every-growing Internet landscape. We’ll provide tips for lighting and sound, and work out questions and answers in advance. Once we’ve conducted the interview, it will be edited, and we’ll add a professionally produced introduction and close that feature a voice-over with music.

With AuthorWebChat we are confident you will grow your audience. We want you to look like the pro that you have become . . .מחבר שפורסם. Our staff will work to showcase your new book in a personal and professional manner.

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