We are an independent publisher

. . . an author-services company, designed to guide new writers in their quest for publication. We’re part of the digital revolution in publishing. We don’t self-publish, and we’re not a traditional publisher, yet we insist on delivering products that meet the standards of the Big Five publishers. And, we guarantee it!

If you are like many new writers you’ve probably put “self-publish” or “self-publishing” into your Internet search browser, clicked, and discovered you have many choices; it’s in the millions. Then, there’s what’s expected of you when you become a self-published author. It’s not easy to do it alone. With Madison Avenue Publishing you don’t have to. Our marketing team will give you options for promoting your book in many distinct venues.

Every day you spend away from your writer’s desk is a day subtracted from the experience of writing. Days add up to years. There are no overnight sensations in the book business (well, maybe a couple). But most writers face the same 10,000-hour rule that seems to cross all venues of endeavor. Excellence comes with experience. Don’t be lured away from your creative work, your passion. Want to be published without the hassle? At Madison Avenue Publishing we make it easy. Keep that date with your writer’s desk. We have the professionals to publish your masterpiece, and with your Authorlog™ Account, you can watch us shepherd your work through the entire process.

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You don’t have to wait.

We know there is a wealth of talent that the traditional agents ignore. We also know it can take years from the time you find an agent who likes your work, shops your manuscript and you are accepted by a traditional publisher for publication. As e-books grow in the marketplace, there are few reasons why you should follow the traditional route to publication.


At the same time, we believe many self-published authors shortchange themselves by not retaining a publisher. The process of good storytelling begins with a product that is professionally produced.

More than likely, you’ve been exposed to some self-published e-books and printed books done by self-published authors. They are everywhere on the Internet. Sam, your first cousin (once-removed) has shared his latest printed book that looks like, well, a self-published mongrel.

Unfortunately, many new writers don’t focus on factors that matter. It’s true that you can’t judge a book by just looking at the cover. But, if the cover has “amateur” written all over it, how many click-throughs do you think you’ll get? And, if a prospective purchaser does click on your e-cover, looks at a few pages, and the interior screams “Self-Published” (rag right composition, right-up-to-the-blue-line margins, widows/orphans lurking in the text) what do you think the chances are that your book will end up in the checkout cart? Still think you want to self-publish? This list will get you started:

  • Retain a professional editor to proofread your work
  • Register your book with the U. S. Copyright Office
  • Format your manuscript to satisfy conversion standards to the digital formats and conventional printed books
  • Learn how to comply with the Standards and Best Practices developed by BISG (Book Industry Study Group)
  • Adhere to the Book Digitized Reading Online Protocol (Book DROP)
  • Comply with ONIX (Online Information Exchange) vocabulary and architecture.
  • Hire a company to convert your “conversion-ready” manuscript to the Mobipocket/ePub digital formats
  • Engage a professional designer to produce your custom e-cover and print book cover
  • Oversee the production of your work, including the book interior formatting process
  • Learn the ins-and-outs of metadata
  • Purchase an ISBN for your e-book
  • Purchase another ISBN and Bar Code for your printed book
  • Find an aggregator to submit your digital book to the major e-retailers such as Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Google Plus, and Kobo.
  • Price your book within market parameters
  • Learn how to price it for maximum royalties
  • Get your printed book listed with over 38,000 book buyers
  • Adjust to the reality of “returns” in the brick & mortar market for printed books, and how costly they can be
  • Gain sufficient knowledge to orchestrate the production of your book so it looks like it came from a Big Five publisher
  • Set up an accounting program for your book business

At Madison Avenue Publishing we provide these services along with many others. As an author services company, we produce your book using the best industry standards. We’ll deliver your manuscript to professionals, work with them to guide your work through the publication process, allow you to follow along, look at soft proofs, and make suggestions—all from your Authorlog™ Account. When the process is complete, we’ll guarantee your e-book and printed book will look like they came from a Big Five publisher, or you’ll get your money back. All of it. And, we’ll do it for much less than you think. Pick an AuthorServicePaK™ that fits your budget. Open your Authorlog™ Account and Get Started. click here to close

Increased Royalties.

You’ll keep 100% of the royalties offered by the online bookstores until you recoup all of your out-of-pocket expenses. After that, we earn a 10% royalty based on the retail price, and the remainder is yours. We do the bookkeeping, including royalty reports and distribution of royalties.

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